This page contains a compilation of resources, databases and links to expert groups and organisations. There are many more useful resources, and if you are aware of more resources that should be added, please share them.

Data resources

EJAtlasGlobal Global mapping of cases of environmental justice activism. Currently, 12 recorded in Central Asia.
Central Asia Data-Gathering and Analysis Team Research ProjectRegional Regularly published by the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) and the OSCE Academy. Provides data on a wide range of sectors in Central Asia.
Oxus Society Central Asia Protest Tracker Regional Provides mapping of social activism in the region. Not necessarily focused on EJ activism.
NDC RegistryGlobalThe UN Nationally determined contributions database. Filter for Central Asia.
International Energy Agency IEAGlobalWhen filtered for Central Asia shows the most updated statistics on renewable energy (2019)
Wiser DirectoryRegionalListing of social NGOs, including environmental organisations
Data Footprint NetworkGlobalOffers a map view for ecological footprint and biocapacity on a global scale and by country.

Organisations and expert networks

Unison GroupKyrgyzstanA strategic advisory firm based in Bishkek that consults governments, finance institutions and civil society organizations on sustainability issues on a regional level.
Crude AccountabilityRegionalResearch NGO aiming to protect the environmental and human rights of people in the Caspian and Black Sea regions and areas of Eurasia that are impacted by oil and gas development.
Little EarthTajikistanEnvironmental NGO, formed to focus on educating the population on environmental and sustainable development issues and providing assistance with micro-level renewable energy solutions.
Tajik Social-and-Ecological UnionTajikistanNGO in Dushanbe, focused on resistance related to the preservation of the Yagnob River in the Zeravshan River basin.
EC-Info KazakhstanNGO focused on gathering, sharing and discussing information on the environmental effects of China’s Belt and Road projects in Kazakhstan.
Zoï Environment NetworkRegionalA Geneva-based non-profit organization that specialises in the analysis and communication of environmental issues. Published several products on Central Asia.
OSCE Academy RegionalVarious publications such as policy papers, yearbooks, and reports of the OSCE Academy in Bishkek.
CEE Bankwatch NetworkRegionalWork with partner organisations from Central Asia, monitoring publicly financed projects and promoting environmentally, socially and economically sustainable alternatives.
Regional Environmental Centre for Central AsiaRegionalNGO with a regional mandate to assist the Central Asian governments and regional and international stakeholders in addressing environmental and sustainability challenges.
Green Alliance KGKyrgyzstanA strong network of senior-level professionals and policymakers engaged in the green economy transition and sustainable development in Kyrgyzstan.
Alliance on Civic Initiatives PromotionKyrgyzstan